The Next Big Thing? - CodersTrust

| 03.27.2015 |

CodersTrust is an initiative that is designed to offer microfinancing that will be used to educate students in the developing world to acquire programming skills that will help lift them out of poverty. CodersTrust is currently focused in helping aspiring programmers in Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest nations.

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Adam Smith And The Addiction To Praise

| 03.26.2015 |

In looking to the written word of the past, we seek wisdom from the great minds who have come before us. We should not take their words as divine truth that cannot be questioned, but as part of an active discussion in which we, the reader, take part.

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The Importance Of Employee Engagement

| 03.25.2015 |

A company without engaged employees is an entity that is doomed to slowly implode. This week, our friends at Good.Co offer their insight on this very important human resources matter.

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What Can Business Owners Learn From Musicians?

| 03.24.2015 |

This week, singer/songwriter Jonathan Siksay joins our video line-up for a unique consideration on what business professionals can learn from our friends in the music field. And as an added treat, Jonathan performs his song "Tennessee Whiskey" from his upcoming album "Angels in the Snow."

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Yaw Acquah, founder and president, IMPALA Clothing, Birmingham, U.K.

| 03.23.2015 |

As any viewer of entertainment programming knows, the most asked question posed to celebrities on the red carpet is: "Who are you wearing?" In the very near future, the answer could be Yaw Acquah.

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