Are You Rewarding Failure?

| 09.23.2014 |

Did you ever notice that some companies - indeed, some industries - have a strange habit of heaping praise and rewards on individuals that do a remarkably poor job? Not only is this an astonishing case of bad judgment, but it has a deleterious effect on the bottom line.

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Mike Mann, founder of the Better Government Party, Rosslyn, Va.

| 09.22.2014 |

Are you irritated with the Democrats and annoyed with the Republicans? Mike Mann, the Internet domain entrepreneur that made headlines for his $13 million sale of the URL, is offering a third choice with a new political movement called the Better Government Party (BGP).

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The Next Big Thing? - Blab

| 09.19.2014 |

BlabPredicts is a platform that can predict which online conversations will trend up or down, by what velocity, and on what channel up to 72 hours in advance and with 70 percent accuracy system-wide. This platform is offered by a company called Blab, which is run by public relations industry veteran Randy Browning.

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Freelance Blogging: What I Would Do If I Had To Start Again

| 09.18.2014 |

I'm excited that you're reading this. Why? Because it means you're interested in freelance blogging, which is the best way I know to start making money online.

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Keep Your Customer Service Agents Happy, Or Else!

| 09.17.2014 |

You don't need Pharrell Williams to remind you of the benefits of being happy. And if your company employs customer service agents, the importance of keeping these workers happy is a bottom line affair.

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