5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Insurance

| 10.30.2014 |

When it comes time to buy insurance, making the wrong decision can lead to a ton of headache and costs that might leave you wishing you never bought insurance at all. But when done correctly, insurance will serve as that safety net that you hope you'll never need, but will be there should you ever fall. From car insurance to health insurance to life insurance, the best policies are going to operate quietly in the background, without doing anything more than being there for you should you ever need it.

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Flexible Spending Accounts, Commuter Benefits Cut Your Taxes

| 10.29.2014 |

For millions of Americans, 2015 open enrollment for employer-provided benefits is right around the corner. While it may be tempting to simply opt for the same coverage you have this year, doing so could cost you hundreds – or thousands – of dollars in tax savings.

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In view of the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, we decided to put our spotlight on Carrie Mitchell, an entrepreneur who is dedicated to ensuring that businesses and homeowners are prepared for the damage created by abnormal natural disasters. Indeed, Mitchell began her company TWS Home Inventory in response to her own brush with the worst of Mother Nature. 

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Pick Up A Book And Read It!

| 10.27.2014 |

I spend too much of my day looking at digital screens - a computer monitor for my work, my cell phone for messaging, my TV for information and entertainment. Thus, the ability to turn off the screen and to pick up and hold a book - not an e-reader, but the tried-and-true paper-based book - gives me a much-appreicated break from starting at screens all day.

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The Next Big Thing? - Foxtrot

| 10.24.2014 |

The Foxtrot software offered by EnableSoft Inc. automatically performs manual data processes through the user interface of most applications. The recently introduced Foxtrot Desktop and Foxtrot Professional editions are designed to help employers increase productivity without adding staff by automating repetitive manual data tasks in Windows and Web environments, respectively.

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