The Next Big Internet Market: Africa

| 08.29.2014 |

Internet usage across Africa has been rising at a dramatic rate, and this continent is poised to become the next major market for online communications and commerce.

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Why Is Burger King Escaping To Canada?

| 08.28.2014 |

Burger King's effort to acquire Tim Horton's, a Canadian purveyor of coffee and doughnuts, is a good business decision, but its choice to locate corporate headquarters north of the border would be the direct result of President Obama's anti-business tax policies.

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Consumer Reporting Agencies Are Following Your Moves

| 08.27.2014 |

By now, you've probably heard about the Big Three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), which monitor your financial history and issue credit reports and credit scores to potential lenders. But did you know that there are dozens of other specialty consumer reporting agencies that track your history for activities that may not appear on your regular credit reports – things like bounced checks, late utility payments, insurance claims and prescription orders?

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A Few Minutes With Ayn Rand

| 08.26.2014 |

One of the most provocative and polarizing thought leaders of the 20th century was Ayn Rand, and her influence still resonates to this day. In 1959, American television audiences were introduced to Rand via an invigorating interview with pugnacious broadcaster Mike Wallace. Today, we are presenting this remarkable interview for your viewing pleasure.

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Paul Proffitt, founder of SunDown RunDown, New Albany, Ohio

| 08.25.2014 |

Too many entrepreneurs never achieve the success they deserve because of a lack of connections to the people that can help them grow their companies. But Paul Proffitt is working to fix that problem.

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