Where The Tax Ax Falls

| 03.29.2017 |

When it comes to getting a return on investment (ROI) for taxes, there is a significant disparity among the states.

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Video Redux: Smart Aleck Remarks Are Not Funny

| 03.28.2017 |

Today, we go back to our video archive to present this still-relevant warning to employees that think they are being funny with snarky comments about their co-workers.

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Jay Coughlan, co-author of Five Bold Choices

| 03.27.2017 |

Jay Coughlan was a business professional with a bright career until one evening when he drove while under the influence of alcohol. The result of that decision was a car crash that killed his father and sent Coughlan to prison. Since he release, Coughlan launched TruBalanced, a corporate coaching consultancy.

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Making The Best Use Of American Resources

| 03.23.2017 |

An economic system is only as strong as its resources. A business without raw materials cannot create a product to ship, just as a business without skilled workers cannot craft the materials into goods. Resources are a potential, and the entrepreneur is the individual who is able to see this potential and turn it into reality.

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The Next Big Thing? - SherpaDesk

| 03.17.2017 |

SherpaDesk is a professional services automation solution that is billed as "a Swiss Army Knife for service pros." We recently spoke with Andrew Frawley, the company's head of content and growth, about this product.

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