What Would George Washington Do?

| 02.23.2017 |

Although Americans celebrate the birth of our nation on the Fourth of July, what we actually celebrate is the spirit of liberty and revolution that led to its founding. We do not have a holiday dedicated to the actual creation of the United States, but our celebration of President's Day is close enough.

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A Career In Cybersecurity

| 02.17.2017 |

Cybersecurity is one of the most prominent concerns facing the corporate world. But how can a person get into this growing industry?

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How To Create A Video Marketing Plan

| 02.15.2017 |

According to data from eMarketer, more than 62 percent of the world's Internet users will view digital video in 2017, up from 60.8 percent in 2016. If your business has yet to develop a video marketing plan, you are likely already losing out to competitors savvy enough to incorporate video into their business development plans. These plans include not only sales and promotional videos, but those ever important keep-in-touch videos that nurture trust and deepen relationships.

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A Floral Business Without A Storefront?

| 02.14.2017 |

Today is Valentine's Day, and more than a few bouquets are being purchased by lovers everywhere. But for those in the business world, running a floral operation can be tricky - especially if you do not have a storefront.

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In the traditional real estate world, brokers work on a commission basis, usually receiving five or six percent of the home sale price. Yet over the years, real estate broker Gina Jacobs increasingly found this system problematic – especially during the recent rough stretch when the housing market was lethargic in her central Connecticut business territory.

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