The Four Economic Indicators To Follow In 2015

| 12.18.2014 |

Economic cycles were first recorded in 1349 in Florence, Italy. Sir Isaac Newton lost his fortune when he failed to recognize the 1720 South Sea Company financial bubble. There have been over 300 asset bubbles since 1720. But you don’t need to be a genius to avoid getting caught up in an economic cycle. By always being aware of where you are in the economic cycle, you can both protect and grow your savings in the new year.

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Does The Stock Market Drive Small Businesses?

| 12.17.2014 |

Differentiating the performance of the stock market with that of the overall economy can be difficult. During the last year, we've seen the S&P 500 climb some 15 percent. In the last two years, the index is up nearly 50 percent.

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Stay Away From Red-Eye Flights

| 12.16.2014 |

Yes, red-eye flights can save you time and money. But in can cost you much more in terms of health, productivity and stress. My thoughts on this subject:

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Anthony Franciosi, founder of Ant's Organics, Oak Creek, Colo.

| 12.15.2014 |

American attitudes - and, in many cases, state laws - regarding marijuana usage, for both medicinal and recreational purposes, have been evolving dramatically. And this has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities that were not possible a few years ago.

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The Next Big Thing? -

| 12.12.2014 |

The new resource is designed to provide an easy way to find, book and pay for child care, pet care, tutoring and other services. Users are able to gain fast access to vital information, such as the range of services being offered, pricing, background checks on the vendor, certified reviews and other data.

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