Business-Superstar, A New Resource

For Entrepreneurs, Debuts Online


FEBRUARY 1, 2013 - Business-Superstar, an information resource designed to encourage entrepreneurship and promote successful business management, has debuted online at

The new Business-Superstar will be updated each weekday with original content that focuses on the myriad of issues and concerns involved in the creation and operation of a start-up business or a nonprofit organization. Business-Superstar will offer exclusive feature articles on successful management strategies, interviews with provocative and innovative entrepreneurs, and expert insight on all aspects of the business management environment.

"Now, more than ever, it is crucial for people to take the initiative and strive for a new degree of career self-reliance," says Phil Hall, publisher and editor of Business-Superstar. "In the past few years, millions of jobs have disappeared and they will not be coming back. And the new jobs that being created are, too often, either part-time gigs without benefits or very low paying opportunities that make it impossible for anyone to support themselves, let alone a family. The message to today’s class of intelligent business professionals is clear: no one is coming to save your career, so you might as well save yourself."

Hall, himself an entrepreneur with nearly three decades of experience in media and marketing (along with, of all things, a side career as a horror movie actor), stresses that entrepreneurship is not an easy task – the financial and emotional investment requires an indefatigable spirit and the determination to set a goal and strive toward reaching it. Hall’s aim for Business-Superstar is to ensure anyone who wants to reach their goal will have an important ally on their side.

"Business-Superstar is designed to be a friend, a wise uncle, a partner and a cheerleader for those who want to live out their career dreams," Hall says. "You can be a superstar in business, and this exciting new online resource is here to help you."

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