What Can We Learn From The Tiny House Phenomenon?

| 05.04.2017 |

You may not have seen one in your neighborhood yet, but the tiny house phenomenon has spread across the country. For some, the move is driven by a desire to downsize and live a minimalistic lifestyle. Others see it as a way to decrease their impact on the environment.

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What Does Retirement Look Like If You Did Not Save?

| 04.19.2017 |

The picture of retirement that many of us have is a post-work period filled with travel and plenty of relaxation. It's a time when you can finally take up a new hobby, sink into the pile of books and enjoy more time with family and friends.

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Where The Tax Ax Falls

| 03.29.2017 |

When it comes to getting a return on investment (ROI) for taxes, there is a significant disparity among the states.

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How To Build Extra Muscle For Your SEO

| 03.15.2017 |

Are you happy with your SEO endeavors? If not, consider the following advice from our friends at DataDial.

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Do You Know How To Save On Online Brokerage Fees?

| 03.01.2017 |

 If you've made it to a point in life where you're ready to start investing, or at least start thinking about investing, you may consider opening a brokerage account. But you're not alone if the thought of choosing a brokerage firm is foreign to you.

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How To Create A Video Marketing Plan

| 02.15.2017 |

According to data from eMarketer, more than 62 percent of the world's Internet users will view digital video in 2017, up from 60.8 percent in 2016. If your business has yet to develop a video marketing plan, you are likely already losing out to competitors savvy enough to incorporate video into their business development plans. These plans include not only sales and promotional videos, but those ever important keep-in-touch videos that nurture trust and deepen relationships.

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Should You Refinance Your Debt?

| 02.01.2017 |

Have you ever considered how lenders compare applicants? Typically, the lowest rate goes to those who have the highest likelihood of repaying the loan on time. A lot of data goes into determining that probability, including the person's credit, income and outstanding debt.

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The Case For A Five Hour Workday

| 01.25.2017 |

The American workforce has become lazy. I estimate, conservatively, that knowledge workers are four times as efficient as they were 20 years ago. That’s why I moved my company to a five-hour workday about a year-and-a-half ago. We work 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with no lunch; then, we leave.

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Focus On Credit Factors, Not Credit Scores

| 01.17.2017 |

You should want to know your credit score. After all, your credit can be incredibly important to your financial future. It could impact your likelihood of getting approved for a loan and the interest rate you'll get on new financial products. However, understanding the factors that influence your credit score can be even more important than knowing the score itself.

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Simple Ways To Make Your Appliances Last Longer

| 01.11.2017 |

Many people asked their appliances to work a little harder than normal during the holidays, and proper maintenance throughout the year might be the key to avoiding an untimely breakdown.

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