33 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Creative Employees

| 12.21.2016 |

If you are wishing for Santa Claus to bring you a more motivated workforce, you may be squandering your Christmas wish. Indeed, a motivated workforce is the result of a proactive management that values its employees.

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How To Become A Successful Virtual Assistant

| 12.07.2016 |

Today, our friends at MyTasker share this distinctive advice on being the best possible virtual assistant.

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Tax Moves That Could Save You Money

| 11.30.2016 |

The end of the year is approaching. And between visiting friends and family and celebrating the holidays, your taxes may be the last thing on your mind.

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The Happiest Places In America

| 11.29.2016 |

It seems that workplace happiness is not spread evenly across the United States.

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How To Save On Your Winter Utility Bill

| 11.03.2016 |

Do you turn the thermostat a notch higher or put on an extra sweater when it gets cold? That is a common household debate as family members try to maintain a balance between comfort and savings during the winter.

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Make Sure Every Dollar You Give To Charity Counts

| 10.19.2016 |

Deciding to make a charitable contribution can arise from a desire to help others, a passionate commitment to a cause or the aim to give back to a group that once helped you or a loved one. Choosing which organizations you want to support can be difficult. There are over a million public charities in the United States according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, and every dollar you give to Charity A is a dollar you might not be able to match for Charity B.

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How To Tackle Your Grocery Bill

| 09.28.2016 |

Food shopping can quickly take over your budget despite your best intentions. Perhaps it is due to impulse purchases, unplanned shopping trips, food going bad or a combination of all three. If you are looking for ways to save money while enjoying nutritious and delicious meals, consider these money-saving tactics.

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How Pumping Iron Can Make You More Successful In Business

| 08.24.2016 |

At first glance, it is a strange correlation. What on earth could working out with weights have to do with being more successful in business?

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The Pros and Cons Of Limited Partnerships For Entrepreneurs

| 08.17.2016 |

Partnerships have always been an attractive option for entrepreneurs eager to start turning their dream into a reality with the help of a dedicated partner. After all, forming a company as a partnership is fairly straightforward. There is no excessive paperwork or startup costs and, once formed, general partnerships can remain simple. Often, everyone shares equally in the management and responsibilities of the business, as well as the profits.

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In Pursuit Of Financial Independence

| 08.10.2016 |

The ability to take care of yourself and your loved ones throughout life is a great source of happiness and a way to avoid stress and worry. And never forget that greater financial freedom isn't just good news for you – financially healthy households make us all stronger as a country.

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