Should You Invest With A Robo Advisor?

| 08.03.2016 |

You are looking to grow your money, but you are not quite sure how to get started. Should you go robo?

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12 Reasons Why You Should Take A Summer Vacation

| 07.28.2016 |

July is almost over, and you have yet to take a summer vacation? Today, our friends at Expedia offer this infographic on why you need to put your work down and pick up your suitcase.

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How To Research And Reduce Healthcare Costs

| 07.14.2016 |

Whether you are planning a future procedure or navigating care after a sudden illness or accident, smart consumers have a plan in place to avoid hidden costs and billing errors common to our ever-changing healthcare system.

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Mr. Potato Head And Me

| 06.28.2016 |

I recently attended a B2B convention and I returned from that event with a score of new contacts, wider insight into the current state of the economy, a number of great ideas for potential articles to write, and a Mr. Potato Head doll.

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A Penthouse For Phil?

| 06.23.2016 |

I very rarely get scared, but something recently arrived in my mailbox that gave me cause to shudder.

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Retirement Planning Amid Job Changing

| 06.16.2016 |

With the average American spending only 4.6 years at any given job, it has never been more important to have a plan for any retirement funds you have accrued at any employer.

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Teach Money Skills To Your Middle Schooler This Summer

| 06.08.2016 |

According to a 2014 University of Michigan Study, the average high school senior – who may already be juggling a part-time job in addition to their schoolwork– knows little about saving or proper money management.

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Should You Join The Gig Economy?

| 05.19.2016 |

Today, our standard workday is not so standard anymore and we're talking more about "gigs" – alternative work arrangements that often depend on the latest technology and a desire to set one's own schedule and pay. However, the question is whether everyone plans for the reality of the work or the impact self-employment in any form can have on his or her long-term finances.

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Just Who Is Following You On Social Media?

| 05.05.2016 |

Everyone, it seems, is on social media. But everyone is not using social media correctly, especially from a B2B persepective.

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Working Out On A Budget

| 04.20.2016 |

It is true that good health really does save money. A Towers Watson survey noted that employee wellness programs saved employers an average of $100 in health care costs per worker.

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