Is A Budget-Billing Plan From Your Utility Company A Good Idea?

| 04.06.2016 |

During a particularly cold winter or hot summer, you open your utility bill with a sense of dread. Is it time to consider your utility company's budget-billing plan? 

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If You Are Thinking Of Buying Or Selling A Business...

| 03.30.2016 |

If you are planning to either buy a business or sell your existing business, the time is right for both transactions. Today, our friends at SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer business mentors, gathered data to show that the U.S. economy has favorable conditions for both business buyers and sellers.

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Growing Summer Savings In The Garden

| 03.17.2016 |

This week, we are focusing on a great way to refresh your energy that can be sapped from spending too much time in the business world.

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Cutting Your Medical Bills Via Smartphone

| 03.03.2016 |

What if your next visit to the doctor visit could happen by smartphone from anywhere in the world? It could happen sooner than you think.

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Our Presidential Endorsements: Trump and Sanders

| 02.26.2016 |

This year’s presidential election campaign has been among the most raucous and polarizing in U.S. history, which is understandable in view of growing voter frustration over the blatant disconnect between the elite clique that holds federal power and the general population. This site’s endorsements for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations is being given to a pair of candidates that have dared to break down taboos and speak frankly about genuine issues that impact the macroeconomic environment and the increasing sense of powerlessness that many Americans feel about their lives

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5 Steps To Building A Solid Financial Planning Business

| 02.17.2016 |

No one ever said that being a financial planner would be an easy job, but a combination of remarkable challenges – ranging from significant demographic shifts to unexpected volatility in global markets to competition for new and existing business – has resulted in a stressful environment that puts new burdens on today’s financial planners.

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Making Phased Retirement Work For You

| 01.27.2016 |

Phased retirement – a catchall term that describes a variety of part-time and reduced-hour work arrangements before leaving an employer for good – is gaining steam. But before you sign on, it's important to understand how "phasing out" may affect your long-term finances.

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Stay Focused On Your Personal Finances

| 01.20.2016 |

Whether you're talking about diet, exercise or money, keeping New Year's resolutions is challenging. A University of Scranton researcher noted that "weight loss" is the current reigning resolution, followed by "improve finances" at No. 2. And while the study showed that roughly 40-46 percent were successful in their specific goal at the six-month mark, more than half gave up.

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Take A Closer Look At Social Security

| 01.13.2016 |

If you are not close to retirement age, it is easy to ignore what Social Security is doing. However, some significant announcements late last year make now a very good time to pay attention.

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Crowdfunding For Start-Ups

| 01.08.2016 |

The first week of the new year is coming to a close, but aspiring business owners are still faced with an old problem: where are they going to get financing for their new projects?

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