Gina Jacobs, owner of Gina Jacobs Real Estate & Property Management, Woodbury, Conn.

| 02.13.2017 |

In the traditional real estate world, brokers work on a commission basis, usually receiving five or six percent of the home sale price. Yet over the years, real estate broker Gina Jacobs increasingly found this system problematic – especially during the recent rough stretch when the housing market was lethargic in her central Connecticut business territory.

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Jack Litewka, author of The Sophisticated Manager

| 01.30.2017 |

Jack Litewka is a former Microsoft senior director and product unit manager, and he is author of the new book The Sophisticated Manager: Essential Leadership Lessons for Developing High-Performance Team…and Avoiding Critical Mistakes.

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Melissa Greenwell, author of Money On The Table

| 01.24.2017 |

Melissa Greenwell is executive vice president and chief operating officer of The Finish Line Inc., a national retailer, and author of Money on the Table: How to Increase Profits Through Gender-Balanced Leadership. This new book is designed to offer a step-by-step and cost-effective guidance companies seeking to achieve gender balance among their executive ranks.

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Tim McCabe, co-founder and creative director, CardFool, Lenexa, Kansas

| 01.17.2017 |

Tim McCabe has been an artist for more than 15 years, and last year opened his own business with a goal to help everyone build better relationships via traditional and digital greeting cards.

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J. Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network

| 01.09.2017 |

Our first Superstar for 2017 is J. Kelly Hoey, author of the new book Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World.J.


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Jeff Vitti, owner of Tipping Chair Tavern, Milldale, Conn.

| 12.20.2016 |

For many people, the notion of musically inspired performers abruptly declaring "Hey, let's put on a show!" is strictly the stuff of old Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney movies. But for Jeff Vitti, that rhythmic idea took him out of the stability of the nine-to-five world and into the more challenging realms of entertainment and food service.

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This week, our Superstar focus is aimed at a fast-rising executive in the African commercial property world.

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Dan Topalis, owner of Topalis Clothing, Norwich, Conn.

| 11.28.2016 |

Dan Topalis is no stranger to the worlds of creativity and commerce. As a painter, he has gained notice in the Eastern Connecticut art scene for his brightly hued interpretations of flora and fauna, and his work has been included in dozens of exhibitions and prominent collections. As a businessman, he has owned and operated three art galleries and is currently running Gallery at the Wauregan on Norwich's Main Street.

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Michelle Shemilt, founder and president, Nudy Patooty, Toronto

| 11.01.2016 |

For Michelle Shemilt, business inspiration was based in business perspiration. This is an entrepreneurial story that is literally based in sweat equity!

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Alison Fand Kosakowski, owner of Ally's Earth Treasures, Milford, Conn.

| 10.17.2016 |

Alison Fand Kosakowski, not unlike many entrepreneurs, never originally intended to start a business. Indeed, her initial career focus was massage therapy, not the corporate world.

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