Rocky Romanella, author of Tighten The Lug Nuts

| 05.23.2017 |

Rocky Romanella is a former truck loader who worked his way up to become president of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. He later served as CEO and a board director of UniTek Global Services and founder of 3SIXTY Management Services. He is the author of the new book Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership.

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Paul Szyarto, CEO of Campana & Schott, Philadelphia

| 05.02.2017 |

Last year, Paul Szyarto became CEO of Campana & Schott Inc., an international management and technology consulting firm. Since his appointment, he has grown the firm's revenue by 300 percent, boosted its bottom line growth by 600 percent, completed an acquisition and received recognition for streamlining internal processes. Clearly, his insight on how to run a business needs to be heard.


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Cole T. Evans, founder and president, Confadent Oral Technology, Denver

| 04.17.2017 |

Confadent Oral Technology has developed a very different type of chewing gum: one that offers oral care between brushing. The company's founder and president, Cole T. Evans, explains it all for us. 

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Jay Coughlan, co-author of Five Bold Choices

| 03.27.2017 |

Jay Coughlan was a business professional with a bright career until one evening when he drove while under the influence of alcohol. The result of that decision was a car crash that killed his father and sent Coughlan to prison. Since he release, Coughlan launched TruBalanced, a corporate coaching consultancy.

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Roberta Matuson, author of The Magnetic Leader

| 03.13.2017 |

Roberta Matuson is president of Boston-based Matuson Consulting and author of the new book The Magnetic Leader: How Irresistible Leaders Attract Employees, Customers and Profits

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Pedro Ast, founder and CEO of Bvddy, Miami

| 02.27.2017 |

Twenty-five-year-old Pedro Ast is a former professional tennis player who transferred his athletic passion into an entrepreneurial endeavor with Bvddy, a sports matchmaking app that lets people search for partners for the sport of their choice as well as find and organize their own sports events and activities. 

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In the traditional real estate world, brokers work on a commission basis, usually receiving five or six percent of the home sale price. Yet over the years, real estate broker Gina Jacobs increasingly found this system problematic – especially during the recent rough stretch when the housing market was lethargic in her central Connecticut business territory.

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Jack Litewka, author of The Sophisticated Manager

| 01.30.2017 |

Jack Litewka is a former Microsoft senior director and product unit manager, and he is author of the new book The Sophisticated Manager: Essential Leadership Lessons for Developing High-Performance Team…and Avoiding Critical Mistakes.

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Melissa Greenwell, author of Money On The Table

| 01.24.2017 |

Melissa Greenwell is executive vice president and chief operating officer of The Finish Line Inc., a national retailer, and author of Money on the Table: How to Increase Profits Through Gender-Balanced Leadership. This new book is designed to offer a step-by-step and cost-effective guidance companies seeking to achieve gender balance among their executive ranks.

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Tim McCabe, co-founder and creative director, CardFool, Lenexa, Kansas

| 01.17.2017 |

Tim McCabe has been an artist for more than 15 years, and last year opened his own business with a goal to help everyone build better relationships via traditional and digital greeting cards.

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