Nathan Steiger, co-owner of Steiger Realty & owner of Nate Built SpecifX, Forestville, N.Y.

| 12.30.2013 |

Running a business can be a challenge. But Nathan Steiger has gone beyond that challenge by running two very different businesses at once while simultaneously training for national athletic competitions.

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According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer will be responsible for the deaths of approximately nearly 40,000 women this year. And the current odds that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman's death is about one in 36.

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Jeff Katz, managing partner, Jemstone Associates Inc., New York City

| 12.16.2013 |

In today's economy, finding a job is not easy. And in the overpopulated New York City job market, the challenge is even greater. However, many people have been able to secure the right position in the nation's most competitive job market thanks to Jeff Katz and Jemstone Associates Inc.

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Neil Schwartzman, CEO of Spinlet, San Francisco

| 12.09.2013 |

When it comes to the music industry, it is too easy to get focused exclusively on American and European offerings. But for the folks at Spinlet, today's music industry growth market lies in Africa.

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Regina Essel has seen the future – and it belongs to self-empowered women creating and leading a new wave of businesses. But Essel is not waiting for the future to meander along. Instead, she is actively creating it through the Savvy Entrepreneur Women's Network (SEWN).

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Valerie Hartford, president of StudyOutloud LLC, Los Angeles

| 11.25.2013 |

This week, our Superstar is living proof of the power of maternal love. For Los Angeles-based Valerie Hartford, her creation of a new app called OutlinesOutloud and launch of the start-up company StudyOutloud LLC was based on a solving a problem related to her son's education.

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If you are a regular reader of Inc. magazine or you have browsed the pages of the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, then you will certainly recognize the name of Eric V. Holtzclaw - he has written for these prestigious publications. And if you are not familiar with him, here is a quickie bio: he has dedicated more than years to developing successful strategies for companies to harness marketing techniques and technology, and he has advised such companies as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Yahoo!, UPS and General Electric on how to get their game up.

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Ryan Birtel, founder of Eolith Advisory Ltd., Charlotte, N.C.

| 11.11.2013 |

Judging by the above photograph, you might assume that Ryan Birtel is a professional race car driver. Actually, he is a veteran of another industry where speeding around twists and turns can often to lead to catastrophic crashes: the financial services industry.

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Ned Farrell, owner of The Bee Happy Co., Clinton, Conn.

| 11.04.2013 |

Ned Farrell has thousands of workers laboring on behalf of his company, and he doesn't have to pay any of them for their hard work. How can he do that? Easy: Ned Farrell is a professional beekeeper, and his business - The Bee Happy Co. - offers a line of beeswax and honey products created by his extremely industrious staff.

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Maura Horton, CEO of MagnaReady, Raleigh, N.C.

| 10.27.2013 |

Imagine not being able to use your hands or arms to button your clothing. Maura Horton has met this painful challenge husband with a brilliant solution: a line of clothing that secures with closed with magnets instead of buttons, snaps or zippers. Thus, people with limited mobility are now able to easily dress themselves in stylish clothing.

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