Les R. Kramsky, president and general counsel, Consumers Title Agency Inc., Piscataway, N.J.

| 08.12.2013 |

Some industries appear to be a magnet for entrepreneurs eager to begin new companies: the entertainment, technology, marketing, and health and fitness industries are prime examples of sectors where start-ups thrive. At the other end of the spectrum is the financial services industry – this was never a welcoming industry for start-ups, and a recent wave of new federal and state regulations and guidelines has created new challenges and burdens on entrepreneurs.

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Luigi Bianco, founder and president of Votary, New York City

| 08.05.2013 |

Three years ago, Luigi Bianco was laid off from his job as a lawyer. After attempts to secure a new legal position proved unsuccessful, put law on hold, and moved to Europe to learn about the fashion industry.

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Robert Cheeke is one of the most prominent advocates for the vegan lifestyle. He is also an athlete, an author, a motivational speaker, an animal rights activist and a business professional involved in the online environment, the sports apparel world and film production.

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Wil Armstrong, CEO of Blueberry Systems LLC, Greenwood Village, Colo.

| 07.22.2013 |

Now here is a question that does not asked every day: What does the perfect loan origination system look like? The search for the answer brings us into contact with Wil Armstrong – his company, Blueberry Systems LLC, is among the most vibrant and inventive technology vendors serving the financial services industry.

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Inspiration for a new business can come from the most unlikely sources. For Michelle Elizabeth, the source was her scalp: seven years ago, she changed her hair color and style a little too frequently, which resulted in her hair breaking off her head.

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Chi LaBossiere Kulig, president of Chi Consulting, Marlborough, Conn.

| 07.08.2013 |

Chi LaBossiere Kulig is in the business of providing event management, marketing and public relations services. But what separates her from others in her field is the intelligence and sincerity that she brings to her work. Indeed, her company's website guarantees that Chi Consulting focuses on "promoting growth, creating positive change and life enriching experiences for the client, attendees, and all who participate."


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Fabian Calvo, president of The Note House, Clearwater, Fla.

| 07.01.2013 |

Fabian Calvo is one of the most dynamic personalities in the real estate finance world. He is best known as the president of The Note House, one of the most prominent buyers and sellers of distressed residential and commercial nonperforming loans and REOs in the United States. He is also among the busiest leaders in this sector – in addition to The Note House, he is also running a pair of other companies and has branched out into the production of micro-documentary films focused on real estate and the wider economy.

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Matt Dillon Malcangi, owner/operator of Mom's Bars, Dewitt, Mich.

| 06.24.2013 |

When it comes to contemporary diets, it often seems that too many people are using food as a means of committing suicide on the installment plan. And many foods that are being marketed as encouraging fitness and wellness are actually accomplishing the exact opposite.

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Monique Dupree, owner/operator of Liz Boutique, New York City

| 06.17.2013 |

If you are a devotee of funky horror films, then you are probably familiar with Monique Dupree. Known to her legion of fans as "Tha Original Gata," the sultry actress/model has been a welcome presence in such intriguing endeavors as Pot Zombies, Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned, Bikini Bloodbath Christmas, Satan Hates You and Hunting Chupacabra.

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Tommy Lee Thomas, president of Restoration Pictures, Irving, Texas

| 06.10.2013 |

Tommy Lee Thomas is a man on a mission. Actually, he is on two missions: one is cinematic in nature, the other is somewhat more profound in its depth and scope.

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