Brandi Williams, principal at Studio B Public Relations, Huntersville, N.C.

| 06.03.2013 |

Success in the public relations and marketing world depends on versatility, and Brandi Williams is an expert on providing stellar representation to an extraordinary spectrum of clients. Just a casual glance at her website reveals a remarkable line-up of diverse clients from different corners of the American society.

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Bruce Seymour, managing director of MEA Mobile, New Haven, Conn.

| 05.27.2013 |

How did we ever live without apps? Well, for about 5,000 years (give or take a century), we did. But for the next 5,000 years, it is easy to assume that we will be living with apps - and for many people, the apps being used are created by Bruce Seymour's MEA Mobile.

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Jack Niedenthal, president of Microwave Films of the Marshall Islands

| 05.20.2013 |

Jack Niedenthal never intended to become a filmmaker – and he certainly did not plan to help create a national film industry. But the Pennsylvania native has been a leading force in bringing the Republic of the Marshall Islands into the cinema world through a series of critically acclaimed and award winning feature films.

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Gabe Leibowitz, president and CEO of Skygroup Realty, New York City

| 05.13.2013 |

New York City's boisterous real estate market is not lacking for dynamic personalities. But even in this environment of colorful business leaders, Gabe Leibowitz stands out for the intelligence and the vibrancy that he brings to his work. As the president and CEO of Skygroup Realty, Leibowitz is a high-profile and highly respected figure in this extremely competitive arena.

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The past few years have been uncommonly rough for many American homeowners. One of the most dedicated individuals to emerge as an ally for struggling mortgage borrowers has been Chris Sorensen, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Homeowner Education Learning Program (HELP). Sorensen's passion for his work and his intelligent approach to a complex subject has made him one of the most effective leaders in today's housing market.

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Bill Erdos, owner of The Coyote Group LLC, Creston, Ohio

| 04.29.2013 |

Sociologists describe America's Silent Generation – those raised during the Great Depression or World War II – as cautious and conformist. By contrast, the so-called Baby Boomers – those born between 1946 and 1964 – are considered to be individualistic and cause-driven.

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If you have a passion for woodworking, you certainly know about Thomas J. MacDonald – or "Tommy Mac" to his fans. Beginning in 2010, he has been the host of the Daytime Emmy Award-nominated PBS television series Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac, he provides an affable weekly instruction on how to create furniture in your home workshop.

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Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, co-founder, Leaner Living, Virginia Beach, Va.

| 04.15.2013 |

According to data released by Centers for Disease Control, more than one-third of American adults and 17% of American children are considered obese. Needless to say, if this trend continues that national acronym could be changed from USA to XXL.

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Christopher Null, founder of Null Media, San Francisco

| 04.08.2013 |

Christopher Null is one of the most versatile professionals in today's media industry, and among the most entrepreneurial media leaders.

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Kerri Milam, founder and president, Depth Public Relations, Atlanta

| 04.01.2013 |

Public relations professionals are in the business of calling attention to their clients. This week, our Superstar is a brilliant PR expert who deserves to be in the spotlight: Kerri Milam, founder and president of Depth Public Relations (also known as DepthPR).

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