Steve Dooley, president of, Tucson, Ariz.

| 03.25.2013 |

Steve Dooley has made a career out of rescuing people. In his work as a firefighter in Arizona's Golder Ranch Fire District, he has been responsible for saving people from unimaginable danger. And in his work as an online marketing consultant, he has another rescue mission: helping entrepreneurs navigate the often-confusing Internet environment.

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Lysa Gallardo Grant, owner of Pocopaca, Jim Thorpe, Pa.

| 03.18.2013 |

In case you are wondering, the individual in the above photograph is not the subject of today's interview. The photograph features one of the residents of Pocopaca, an alpaca farm based in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains. And our Superstar of the Week, Pocopaca owner Lysa Gallardo Grant, is enjoying the unique opportunity of creating a business experience based on her love of animals.

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Cleat Bell, owner of Muscle Mowing & Landscaping, Amarillo, Texas

| 03.11.2013 |

It is not unusual for people to change careers. But few have experienced Cleat Bell’s diverse career trajectory. Really, how many folks do you know that worked as a police officer, as a train conductor and as the owner of a successful landscaping business? Trust us, Cleat Bell's career is quite a story!

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Gregory Kohs, publisher of, Philadelphia

| 03.04.2013 |

One of the more curious aspects of the Internet world is the wiki, a website that allows people to collaborate on the creation of content. Sadly, not everyone approaches this notion with a great deal of academic seriousness – Wikipedia, arguably the most influential wiki online, has become infamous for its wealth of historically inaccurate articles and copyright infringements, not to mention a surplus of imagery that places priority on the erotic rather than educational.

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Alex Epstein is a man on a mission: a new industrial revolution. Yes, that's quite a mission – and Epstein hopes to achieve this goal with the Center for Industrial Progress (CIP), a for-profit think-tank that he created in 2011.

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Kerry Lucier Jr., owner of Aruna Chocolates, Hartford, Conn.

| 02.18.2013 |

Does the world need another chocolate company? What a silly question – of course it does! Especially if the company is Hartford, Conn.-based Aruna Chocolates!

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On its website, The Pink Fund spells out its goal in clear and concise language: "The mission of The Pink Fund is to provide short-term financial aid to breast cancer patients in active treatment." However, the story behind this mission is nothing short of dramatic. Business-Superstar is proud to present one of the most amazing entrepreneurs we’ve ever met: Molly MacDonald, founder and president of The Pink Fund.

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Matt Mills, Owner of Lightning Fitness, South Windsor, Conn.

| 02.04.2013 |

The guy in the photo is Matt Mills – and don't worry, he won't be offended if you think that he doesn't look like a stereotypical entrepreneur. Indeed, Mills stands out in a crowd in many ways.

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