Saad Amanulla Khan, CEO of Alamut Consulting, Karachi, Pakistan

| 08.15.2016 |

Saad Amanulla Khan is CEO of Alamut Consulting, director/partner in Vanguard Matrix and spent two decades in senio management posts at Procter & Gamble. He was also the CEO of Gillette Pakistan for seven years. He recently published his first book, It’s Business, It’s Personal, which is described as "an essential guide for any entrepreneur or business owner who is trying to establish a successful company."

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To most people in Connecticut, the name Milton Velez may draw a blank stare. However, most people in the state may know him as DJ Maxx, the smooth-talking, quick-witted host of the popular “The Ride 2 The Club” program on WPRX 1120 AM, and as the driving force behind Maximum Entertainment, which brings a mix of music, lighting and sound effects to weddings, parties and special happenings.

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Meryl Moss, president of Meryl Moss Media, Westport, Conn.

| 08.01.2016 |

When Meryl Moss began her self-named media relations agency for book authors on Memorial Day in 1993, she was ready for the challenge. “I come from a long line of entrepreneurship and wanted to take it on with my own agency,” she recalled.

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Jim Dewald, author of Achieving Longevity

| 07.25.2016 |

Jim Dewald is the author of Achieving Longevity: How Great Firms Prosper Through Entrepreneurial Thinking. He is the dean of the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business and an associate professor in strategy and entrepreneurship. Prior to entering the academic world, he was active in the Calgary business community as the CEO of two major real estate development companies and a leading local engineering consulting practice, and president of a tech-based international real estate brokerage company.

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John Walsh, CEO of Total Mortgage Services, Milford, Conn.

| 07.11.2016 |

For some people, success can be defined as the trifecta of being in the right place at the right time while doing the right thing. This is not always an easy thing to achieve, especially in a tumultuous industry like mortgage banking, which has been experienced a surplus of dizzying peaks and dismal plummets over the past decade.

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Michael Blake, founder of Arpeggio Advisors, Atlanta

| 06.28.2016 |

Michael Blake is the founder of Arpeggio Advisors, a boutique business appraisal and corporate strategy advisory firm. We called on him for advice on how to pick the right person to hold the office of CEO when that position become vacant.

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Ezra Zimmerman, founder of EZ Moving LLC, Ridgefield, Conn.

| 06.20.2016 |

EZ Moving provides moving, junk hauling, tree removal, snow plowing and home maintenance services in the lower Fairfield County section of Connecticut. Its founder, Ezra Zimmerman, created the company following some seriously inclement weather.

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David Copel, co-founder of Meathead Nation, Madison, Conn.

| 06.13.2016 |

When David Copel graduated last year from High Point University with a criminal justice degree, he had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur. Although he worked a sales associate at a Vitamin World outlet while taking classes, he knew that a career in retailing was not in his future. And while he was actively training to become a professional bodybuilder, he recognized that endeavor would not bring financial security unless he began winning major tournaments and sponsorship deals.

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Will Post wants to change the way your dogs and cats eat. His company offers what has defines as an "ancestrally appropriate carnivore diet" that is designed to improve vitality and longevity. This interview details his approach to the pet food business.

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Whitney Ferrell, founder of RE.BIN, New York City

| 05.17.2016 |

You probably never gave much thought to the aesthetic qualities of your recycling bin. But if you live or work in a small space, especially a cramped apartment or tiny office, it can be something of an eyesore. But that is where RE.BIN comes to the rescue.


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