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Cole T. Evans, founder and president, Confadent Oral Technology, Denver

| 04.17.2017 |

Confadent Oral Technology has developed a very different type of chewing gum: one that offers oral care between brushing. The company's founder and president, Cole T. Evans, explains it all for us. 

Q: What inspired you to create this product, and how long did it take to create it?


Cole T. Evans: In high school, I had a summer internship with a large manufacturer of oral care products and noticed that there was no convenient solution for keeping your mouth really clean between brushings. Being an active person in athletics, business and enjoying the outdoors – and who also cares about grooming and health – I’m not a huge fan of carting around a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash, so I set out to figure out a way to keep my mouth clean throughout the day in a convenient and discreet manner.


Through a lot of trial-and-error, winning pitch contests to initially fund my dream, then bringing together a bunch of talented partners – it’s taken about four years to get Confadent to market.


Q: There have been other chewing gums that were marketed as contributing to oral hygiene. What makes this different from those earlier products?


Cole T. Evans: The dental community fully endorses chewing sugar-free gum to protect teeth. And many gums in-market now claim hygiene benefits based on their inclusion of the sweetener Xylitol, a sugar alcohol that has been shown to aid in the reduction of plaque. We use Xylitol as a sugar substitute too, as it is a safe alternative to Aspartame.


However, Confadent Oral Technology is the only gum in-market using FDA approved ingredients that provides the additional oral care benefits that reduces surface plaque, helps protect gums, and helps fight harmful cavity-causing bacteria. Of course, our gum also whitens teeth, freshens breath, and increases important saliva production all with an energizing, long-lasting pleasant taste. Our unique manufacturing technology allows Confadent to maintain 100% efficacy of our active ingredients – and that’s what sets us apart!


Q: How and where are you marketing your product?


Cole T. Evans: We are launching Confadent in digital and social channels primarily, as this allows us to zero in on our specific target consumers and establish relationships with our community. We rely heavily on producing relevant content for Facebook, Instagram, our website, Amazon and select partner sites. We also have a robust B2B effort underway that helps us generate awareness and trial.


Q: Where do you see this endeavor heading in the next 12 months?


Cole T. Evans: Confadent Oral Technology is the first branded product of KISS Industries. Once established, we plan to introduce several new products that rely on our technology of protecting the efficacy of active ingredients in gum form. Our vision is to promote the use of our delivery method that bypasses the gastric system; using the buccal cavity (aka your mouth) increases the body’s absorption rate for all types of beneficial ingredients.


Confadent Oral Technology is online at https://www.confadent.com