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Jacomo Hakim, founder and CEO, BookATailor, New York City

| 08.31.2015 |

BookATailor is a new service designed to help men shop for suits and shirts. BookATailor has stylists in 12 showrooms around the U.S. that can take an 18 point measurement through a tablet and build the customer a bespoke profile that is stored on file. The customer chooses what fabrics he wants and goes through styling options of his selection. After the order is placed, the customer receives his bespoke clothing in under four weeks.


And what does it all cost? Two custom shirts retail for $99, four custom shirts retail for $179, one custom suit retail for $450, and one custom suit and two custom shirts retail for $499.


BookATailor is the brainchild of 25-year-old Jacomo Hakim. This is his story.


Q: What was the inspiration behind BookATailor, and is this the first time you started a company?


Jacomo Hakim: I grew up in Milan with two sisters. As the only son in the family, my mother would always take me shopping with them. That is how I got into fashion.


BookATailor was an idea that has improved and improved until it has become what it is today. Also, keep in mind, we are still improving it more and more. I realized that men truly have a problem finding good quality clothes that fit them correctly, so BookATailor was created to resolve that issue. And, in the process, we have managed to deliver better clothes at a more affordable price to the consumer.


This is my first venture, and I am happy that it is because I have learned so many things about business. I can take this model and apply it to many other ventures in the future.


Q: Where and how are you marketing your company?


Jacomo Hakim: Marketing in any business is, by far, the hardest leg, and I believe many companies fail because they blow dollars in the wrong marketing directions. It has gotten to a point where I believe that any successful entrepreneurs are master marketers. This is because you can offer anything, but if people do not know about it, and want it, you have no sale. And no sale means that you go under!


When I market my brand, I like to work backwards. Instead of placing my brand in places for potential customers to see it and want it, I go and find places where my target customers are already at, and try and place my brand there. This way, they see it, and are more bound to take a glimpse of it, because it is there for them. And we pay a premium to do so.


Q: How do you accommodate clients that are not located near your 12 showrooms?


Jacomo Hakim: Currently, we do not. However, we just launched our franchise! Allowing other business owners to open up our concept essentially anywhere and offer our services and experience to more customers around the US. It is a great model and we have built it in way where everyone is satisfied. I live by the win-win-win module.


Also, I am proud to announce that we have sold another franchise to another successful entrepreneur in Pittsburgh. Hopefully, many more come in during the upcoming quarters. At the same time, we are about to launch our online brand, Bespokino.com. This is a patented measuring tool that allows anyone to measure themselves from home. Then, with a 3D bespoke visualizer, they can design any clothes they want and see what it will look like on them. From there, we will have it delivered to their doorstep. We are currently making a Kickstarter to launch the Bespokino campaign. Please be sure to keep an eye out for it as I truly believe it is revolutionary in our industry.


Q: How would you categorize the current state of men's businesswear?


Jacomo Hakim: It is growing exponentially by the second. Fashion is making more of an impact to people today. You dress good, you feel good, if you feel good you will do more and work harder.
Also, unfortunately today, perception is everything and if you do not look good, no one pays any attention to you.


Therefore, the better you look, the more people will pay attention to what you are saying and doing. We have managed to make you look perfect at a more affordable price than anywhere else.


Q: What are your plans for BookATailor? And will you be expanding into women's clothing, too?


Jacomo Hakim: The plans for BookATailor is to have 1,000 stores around the world. Creating an experience that the consumer loves and delivering high quality bespoke clothes to them at a more affordable prices than off the rack clothing is number one to us. I want every single man in the US to have BookATailor bespoke profile!


As far as women’s bespoke clothing goes, we are heading in that direction. We are currently in talks with one of the “sharks” from the hit show, “Shark Tank” who is interested in helping us launch our women’s bespoke wear! I am not allowed to say who yet, but I am looking forward to this, because we will be the only company that offers both men and women’s custom clothing.


BookATailor is online at www.bookatailor.com.