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Lori Kyler Christensen, owner of Venni Caprice, Boston

| 02.17.2014 |

Okay, fashionistas, let me ask you the ultimate red carpet question: Who are you wearing? If you have an eye for quality, a flair for distinctive style and a body that can show off designer clothing, you should be wearing the couture clothing line from Venni Caprice, created by Lori Kyler Christensen.


The Boston-based Christensen is emerging as one of the bright lights of the fashion world. We were fortunate to catch her for a few minutes to discuss her exciting career ascension.


Q: What inspired you to begin your own business, and was this the first time that you created a company of your own?


Lori Kyler Christensen: What inspired me to start my business was actually something that was out of my hands - a diagnosis of epilepsy. I couldn’t work, so I started making clothing and selling it here and there. Years later, I have this!


Q: How long did it take to organize your company, and when did it officially launch?


Lori Kyler Christensen: It’s been years in the making, but I would say the very official launch would be this year, as we launched our new website with e-commerce functions, and we will be selling in stores for the first time!


Q: What have been the challenges and triumphs in running your own business?


Lori Kyler Christensen: The challenges in running my company would be financing it myself, and working ridiculously long nights and hours. The triumphs would be how great of a feeling it is when all the hard work pays off in the form of a newspaper article, successful fashion show, or things of the like.


Q: How are you marketing your product line? And where are your designs being sold?


Lori Kyler Christensen: We are just starting the real marketing process right now, with my agents pitching the line to boutiques and stores. 6 stores have picked up the Spring/Summer '14 collection, and the names of those stores will be released closer to spring time!


Q: What professional advice would you give to someone that wants to start their own company in the fashion industry?


Lori Kyler Christensen: My best advice for starting your own company in such a competitive business would be to work HARD. If you want something, be passionate and throw everything you have into it. Don’t lose yourself - the fashion industry can make you think you have to do certain things to be around certain people. But people get the most respect when they stay true to themselves and what they believe in. And while you are working hard, remember to keep connections alive with friends and family. You want someone to enjoy your success with once it hits.


Lori Kyler Christensen's Venni Caprice is online at http://www.vennicaprice.com/.