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Steve Dooley, president of SteveDooleyInc.com, Tucson, Ariz.

| 03.25.2013 |

Steve Dooley has made a career out of rescuing people. In his work as a firefighter in Arizona's Golder Ranch Fire District, he has been responsible for saving people from unimaginable danger. And in his work as an online marketing consultant, he has another rescue mission: helping entrepreneurs navigate the often-confusing Internet environment.


Let's learn a bit more about Dooley’s business endeavors.


Q: What inspired you to start your own online marketing business? And was this your first entrepreneurial effort?


Steve Dooley: I've been a firefighter since I was 21 years old. I had worked part-time as a cook at a Tucson country club, and I met a club member who was an entrepreneur. He spoke with me about his work and told me, "You can achieve any amount of wealth you want in life." That seemed cool, and that sparked something in me that said, "If this guy could do it, so can I."


Over the years, I had a landscaping business on the side and it was pretty successful, but the logistics of balancing that and a full-time job was a lot. I also got in with Amway for five to six years and was real successful, and I did personal training on a part-time basis for a year.


Ultimately, I realized that online marketing was the way to go, mostly because I could do it from home. I feel that the best business to have is the one that frees up your time – and I want to spend my time with my family. After all, all we have in our lives is time.


Q: What have been the biggest challenges and highest points of your online marketing work?


Steve Dooley: Probably the biggest challenge came up front in not knowing where to start. Many people go online and do a Google search, but they find tons of stuff and do not know where to begin.


For the high points, it was developing myself into an online marketer, being able to create digital information products with none of the upfront costs, getting my first lead online, and making my first sale on my own information product. That was a huge motivation in my career.


As a fire captain, it is my job to teach people. In online marketing, I can also teach people about what I am doing. The Internet offers such a big reach and it impacts so many people.


Q: How have you promoted your online marketing business?


Steve Dooley: At first, I was doing blogging and article marketing, but then Google hit me with Panda. I had 10,000 hits per month on my blog, but after Panda that was down to 1,000 to 2,000 per month. I did YouTube videos on SEO and promoting my articles and blog posts, but now I most use it to talk about content.


Q: What advice can you provide to people that want to get into online marketing?

Steve Dooley: What I would recommend is this: as soon as you can, find a mentor. That person should be someone to guide you, not just to sell you a product.


If you look at any business model, you need to ask: how will it help me free up my time? If this is what you want, there will be a business model to help you do it. I would recommend the book "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss.


Steve Dooley is online at http://www.stevedooleyinc.com/