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Tim McCabe, co-founder and creative director, CardFool, Lenexa, Kansas

| 01.17.2017 |

Tim McCabe has been an artist for more than 15 years, and last year opened his own business with a goal to help everyone build better relationships via traditional and digital greeting cards.


Q: What inspired you to create CardFool and how long did it take you to launch the company?


Tim McCabe: When we created CardFool, we were (and still are) a group of writers and artists who saw an opening in the marketplace for funny personalized greeting cards and funny eCards. We wanted to make people laugh and there was no one else doing what we do online. Humor is the most difficult kind of creative work – it’s part instinct, part training. By blending the two, we know we have the funniest cards on the Internet. But developing that balance took time. It took us two years to create and launch the site.


Q: How are you marketing CardFool, and how many people are using the site?


Tim McCabe: Part of our marketing and a big difference for CardFool is that we design all our cards in-house and that unique and funny cards come first. We have a creative team that produces completely original artwork and text. We look for designers and writers who are different, who have a unique voice and who want to work as a team to create something memorable. We’ve seen user numbers steadily increase since we launched. This is not the result of our social media and internet marketing program, but word of mouth as well.


Q: People love funny cards, but humor can be very subjective. How do you pick the card that people will not object to?


Tim McCabe: When we started brainstorming what CardFool was going to be we had one goal in mind: we want to offer people something no one else had and to be really, really funny. We wanted to create humor, which appealed to all demographic segments, and we believe we truly do that. We like to think we are attuned to the zeitgeist – the spirit and mood of the times – and bring that to bear in this very specific type of person-to-person communication.


Q: What are your 2017 plans for your company?


Tim McCabe: We are seeing a trend particularly among Millennials toward an attraction to print communications – print greeting cards in particular. We see this as a kind of backlash from the transience of social media. That trend will help us continue to move the needle in 2017. But most importantly, we want to keep making people laugh.


CardFool is online at www.cardfool.com