A Tale Of Two Cameras

| 05.05.2017 |

Quick, which camera do you think is better: one that costs $1,000 or one that costs $8,000?

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Say Hello To LiFi

| 04.21.2017 |

Is LiFi (short for Light Fidelity) ready to elbow out WiFi as the most important current telecommunications technology? In this Web2Go video, the basic concept and practical applications of LiFi are discussed by Deepak Solanki, founder and CEO of Velmenni.

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The Most And Least Innovative States

| 03.31.2017 |

In 2016, the U.S. spent an estimated $514 billion on research and development — more than any other country in the world — but certain states are due more credit than others for America’s dominance in the tech era. Today, our friends at WalletHub celebrate the most  innovative states while pointing out the states where creativity seems to be in short supply. 

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The Next Big Thing? - SherpaDesk

| 03.17.2017 |

SherpaDesk is a professional services automation solution that is billed as "a Swiss Army Knife for service pros." We recently spoke with Andrew Frawley, the company's head of content and growth, about this product.

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A Few Words On Mobile Banking

| 03.03.2017 |

The concept of retail banking is undergoing a seismic shift, with branch offices slowly disappearing while mobile banking takes a new prominence.

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A Career In Cybersecurity

| 02.17.2017 |

Cybersecurity is one of the most prominent concerns facing the corporate world. But how can a person get into this growing industry?

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Taking A New Look At Bankless Banking

| 02.03.2017 |

More than one-third of the global population has no access to traditional financial services. Even the United States has unbanked households – 7.7 percent of U.S. households do not have a bank account, according to Urban Financial Services Coalition survey.

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The Next Big Thing? - StudentBridge Inc.

| 01.27.2017 |

StudentBridge Inc. is an Atlanta-based digital media agency specializing in the production of virtual tours and social networks for educational institutions that drive recruitment. We spoke with company founder and vice chairman Jonathan Clues about this endeavor.


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So You Want To Hire A WordPress Designer?

| 01.20.2017 |

The need to hire WordPress developers is extraordinary. Everybody needs a professionally designed website which is unique, innovative and captures the customers quickly.

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Laser Technology, 1967

| 01.12.2017 |

Back in 1967, laser technology was barely known to the general public outside of sci-fi stories and films. In this documentary, we get to see cutting-edge laser technology through a half-century-old spectrum.

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