A Few Words About SaaS CRM

| 04.05.2013 |

Scenario: You are looking to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system in your business in order to enhance your connection with customers – which, of course, would lead to a consistent sales growth. A possible solution: SaaS CRM software.

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How to Turn Your Amazon Kindle Into a Cash Register

| 03.22.2013 |

The Amazon Kindle has already changed the way that people read books, publications and digital media. And now, it can change the way that businesses earn revenue.

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A Few Words About Digital Cameras

| 03.15.2013 |

How could I refuse a request by Business-Superstar's founder Phil Hall for a short article on the digital photography? During the "dot-com boom" Phil helped position me as an "expert," explaining computers to novices. I ended up, among other things, as a guest speaker at Microsoft and an assistant to some major players in the early days of digital cameras.

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In Praise of Blackberry 10

| 03.08.2013 |

BlackBerry 10, the new version of Blackberry's mobile operating system (OS), was announced on January 30, and this new version is absolutely different from the earlier versions, right from the "code-level.” Not even a single line of code has been included in the new version from the earlier one, so we can forget everything about the old GUI.

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How To Make Your Website More Panda Friendly

| 03.01.2013 |

Google Panda has raised the bar not only for SEO experts, but also for web designers. It's getting tougher and tougher to rank well and that means that you really have to pay attention to all designing and Google ranking factors.

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

| 02.22.2013 |

It is estimated that 90% of companies are either entirely ignoring or at least woefully lacking in mobile device support for their websites. This is a massive percentage when you consider that that almost half of Web searches will be done via mobile devices.

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When a Social Media Crisis Strikes

| 02.15.2013 |

The rise in popularity of social media has created some amazing opportunities for marketing. It is because of social media that a corporation can instantly deliver a message with the potential to reach millions of followers directly, with the click of a button. Businesses already "get" the incredible power, efficiency and cost-effectiveness offered by social media.

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4 Things to Monitor on Your Facebook Page

| 02.07.2013 |

So, you chose to bite the bullet and decided to create a Facebook Business page for your company. Hurray for you! Facebook is a wonderful medium to connect with your customers, especially if you are a B2C company. Even B2B companies are finding their niche in the Facebook universe.

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4 Easy Ways To Customize Your Facebook Page

| 02.01.2013 |

A 2012 study of Facebook revealed that there are currently over 845 million (active monthly) users and more than 37 million pages (with 10+ likes). With such a tremendous number of users and pages out there, it is easy to fall into relative anonymity with your target audience. This begs the question, what makes your page different?

Are you counting on the same old Facebook timeline to help you grow your fan base or are you looking for new ways to "be different?" Regardless if you are not taking advantage of Facebook customization apps then chances are you are not reaching your potential!

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