A New Tech Breakthough In Cancer Detection

| 08.05.2016 |

An improved system for detecting cancers that uses magnetic rather than radioactive tracers has taken a major step towards commercialization.

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In Case of Hurricanes

| 07.29.2016 |

So far this year, the United States has been spared from major hurricane damage. But, of course, the year is not over, and the threat of hurrican damage to businesses is still strong.

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The Next Big Thing? - KardZee

| 07.15.2016 |

KardZee is a mobile app that allows the user to send real physical cards in their own handwriting via a patent-pending handwriting technology. We spoke with company founder Keverne Denahan about this new endeavor.

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Google And Self-Driving Cars

| 07.01.2016 |

When Google started working on self-driving vehicles over seven years ago, our goal was to transform mobility by making it safer, easier, and more enjoyable to get around. What drives our team is the potential that this technology has to make our roads safer. NHTSA estimates that traffic accidents killed over 38,000 Americans in 2015 and the World Health Organization estimates that 1.2 million lives are lost to traffic accidents globally every year. These are
numbers that could be reduced significantly with fully self-driving cars, especially since 94% of accidents in the U.S. are due to human error.

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The Next Big Thing? - Cyber Dust

| 06.24.2016 |

Cyber Dust is a messaging system that is designed to offer the greatest level of security in today's mobile market. "Your messages are protected from screenshots and disappear after they are read," the company promises on its website. "They are heavily encrypted and never touch a hard drive- not even our own. Once your messages are gone they are truly gone forever never to be recovered."

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A Few Words From Edward Snowden

| 06.17.2016 |

Edward Snowden is no stranger to data security and encryption issues - and while he is still in self-imposed Russian exile, he remains a vibrant expert commentator on these high-tech subjects.

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The Next Big Thing? - Torchlite

| 06.10.2016 |

It has been estimated that by 2020, more than 40 percent of the American workforce will be specialized freelancers. In preparation of this occupational shift, Indianapolis-based Torchlite has created a simple software that helps companies locate, manage, collaborate and evaluate their marketing freelance experts.

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The Next Big Thing? - Thino

| 05.20.2016 |

Thino is a USB on-the-go charger that is up to three times faster, more safe and more convenient than other charging solutions.

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Solar Thermal 101

| 05.06.2016 |

Solar thermal solutions rarely receive the attention that solar power solutions receive, but this renewable energy technology can offer significant savings to commercial and residential properties.

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Taming Your Passwords

| 04.22.2016 |

Is it me, or have passwords gotten out of control lately? Actually, I know it's not me - they have!

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