The Cybersecurity Threat To The U.S. Government

| 01.15.2016 |

The U.S. Government is dependent on a vast cyber world of interconnected IT networks, data centers, the Cloud, mobile platforms, and other assets. Individual agencies rely on this cyber infrastructure to perform almost every mission critical function within their purview, from national defense and natural disaster response to postal services and the constitutionally mandated Census.

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The Next Big Thing? - Plastiq

| 01.08.2016 |

Plastiq is a payment platform that promises to reconfigure how people make financial transactions online. We spoke Eliot Buchanan, the company's co-founder and CEO, about how Plastiq works and how it can help small business owners.

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The Online Retail Trends For 2016

| 12.18.2015 |

Yes, I know that the Christmas shopping season still has a week to go. But the 2016 retail season promises to be even more challenging - especially in regard to online retailing.

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The Last Days Of Cinerama

| 12.11.2015 |

In the 1950s and early 1960s, the three-camera Cinerama technology changed the way that audiences viewed movies. The Cinerama system was discontinued after the 1963 release of the classic epic How the West was Won, yet it is still recalled fondly by those fortunate enough to see films created in this format.

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What Really Happens To A Deleted File?

| 12.04.2015 |

In concept, deletion means forever. In reality, computer files never truly disappear.

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Unmasking The Hackers

| 11.20.2015 |

News about computing hacking has, sadly, become commonplace. But there is actually a wide variety of miscreants behind the current wave of hacking, and each has his own agenda.

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Revolution Of The Eyeglasses

| 11.13.2015 |

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are wearing eyeglasses. And while you may not consider this to be a high-tech product, the design of eyeglasses has undergone significant technology breakthroughs over the years.

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The Hot Tech Jobs Of 2016

| 11.06.2015 |

The new year is less than two months away - and it is not too early to forecast the hottest tech jobs for 2016.

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A Tribute To The Typewriter

| 10.30.2015 |

For some of us of a certain age, there was a time when computers were strictly the stuff of science fiction or top secret government agencies. Today, we pay tribute to the machine that was ubiquitous in the home and office before the rise of the computer.

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Cloud Computing And Disaster Recovery

| 10.23.2015 |

Sometimes, bad things happen to good companies. Case in point: a disaster (either man-made or meteorological) can shut down down a business with extraordinary ferocity. And unless the company has a disaster recovery plan in place, the sudden twist of bad fortune could spell extinction.

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