All About Windows 10

| 07.31.2015 |

Yes, the latest offering from Microsoft is here. But what makes Windows 10 different and superior to its predecessors?

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The Impact Of Uber On The Workforce

| 07.24.2015 |

I have a love-hate relationship with ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. I love the convenience and level of service that traditional taxis don't offer. But I hate what they portend for the future of work with their rapidly expanding business model that pretends regular workers are franchisees.

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A Few Words About Solar Thermal Energy

| 07.17.2015 |

When it comes to a discussion of renewable energy strategies, solar thermal energy is often overlooked in favor of solar power and wind energy. 

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The Next Big Thing? - AdPlotter

| 07.03.2015 |

AdPlotter is a new endeavor that provides for the quick and easy posting of classifed advertisements on multiple websites. We spoke with Joel Sauceda, CEO of AdPlotter LLC, on how this solution works.

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Inside The Apple Watch

| 06.26.2015 |

The new Apple Watch has the potential to change the state of wearable technology. Today, our friends at How It Works magazine takes us inside this new product.

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How To Improve Your Email Productivity

| 06.19.2015 |

Are you spending too much time on emails? Well, you're certainly not alone!

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Speeding Up A Slow Computer

| 06.12.2015 |

It happens to all of us - a computer that is running too slow for comfort. This week, our friends at Bullguard offer infographic advice on getting your computer back up to speed.

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3 Steps To Better Email Productivity

| 06.05.2015 |

Emails are a bitch, right? Your inbox seems like a never-ending pit of demands - an intimidating list of other people's priorities.

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How Mobile Technology Is Changing Healthcare

| 05.29.2015 |

Health-conscious Americans are increasingly turning to apps and wearable devices as tools for improving their well-being, according to the recent Pulse of Online Heatlh survey by Makovsky/Kelton. Today, we offer this infographic that details the impact of mobile technology on those seeking a healthier life.

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What Is Your Cybersecurity Game Plan?

| 05.22.2015 |

Cyber crime is not something that only happens to other people. And businesses that do not have a proactive game plan to prevent this form of disruption run the risk of major problems.

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