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So You Want To Hire A WordPress Designer?

| 01.20.2017 |

The need to hire WordPress developers is extraordinary. Everybody needs a professionally designed website which is unique, innovative and captures the customers quickly.


Different companies, startups, and large web organizations hire WordPress developers to earn their best. These firms pay a good amount to their developers, but most of the companies face serious challenges by hiring the inefficient and unskilled developers. Thus, there is a strong need is to hire the developers that can do the best for their company.


But what are the necessary things should keep in mind before hiring a developer? The following guidelines can help you.


Previous experience. Before you go to appoint a WordPress developer, the first thing you need to look is the prior experience. He or she should have testimonial letters from their client firms, which can help you judge their previous performances. If the developer doesn’t have any previous experience, then hiring those developers is not the best choice


Familiarity with the right tools. A web developer should familiar with most of the technologies of the web. Expertise in a single technology is not necessary because different clients need different websites in different technologies. The developer should familiar with the languages like PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML/CSS, html5, MySql. He or she should also be familiar with the frameworks like Drupal, Laravel Cordova and Bootstrap.


A good portfolio. Before hiring a WordPress developer, you must need to view his or her portfolio. Review those sites that are developed in WordPress. The designs should be appealing and attract you at first sight. The web developer should have worked for business sites, as well.  Moreover, you need to check that how the developer implemented business-related functionalities, including e-commerce features.


A creative mind. What is the first thing that the customers look on the site? Obviously, it is the design. If the design is not good, then your website is borderline worthless. An elegant design of website comes when a designer's mind is creative and generates innovative ideas. The developer should implement those ideas into reality. To develop an eye-catching website, creativity is the vital role.