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The Next Big Thing? - SherpaDesk

| 03.17.2017 |

SherpaDesk is a professional services automation solution that is billed as "a Swiss Army Knife for service pros." We recently spoke with Andrew Frawley, the company's head of content and growth, about this product.


Q: What was the inspiration behind SherpaDesk and how long did it take you to create it?


Andrew Frawley: SherpaDesk was created when the founding team felt the pains of fragmented, best of breed solutions when they were first an IT/Development Shop. The team struggled to manage all of their basic operational tasks and dipped their feet in in 2001 when they created a HelpDesk solution under the company called bigWebApps. It wasn't until 2012 that they launched the current form product, SherpaDesk, which is a full-service PSA solution which was inspired under the idea of consolidating your core business functions in a simple easy to use manner.


Q: Why should businesses use SherpaDesk?


Andrew Frawley: SherpaDesk was created by people who built a solution to a problem they felt first-hand. It was made specifically for the small business professional service firm. It's made to adopt core functions, give you exactly what you need right when you need it. The idea of aesthetics and minimalist design was adopted in the creation process. It makes your business more simple and more easy to run, not harder.


Q: How are you marketing SherpaDesk, and how many users do you have?


Andrew Frawley: We are launching a major content campaign in 2017 after redesigning our website. Each month we are highlighting one pain that we discovered in research that professional service firms have talked about. We aim to make content that is actually useful and unique. We aren't making blogs because that's what the experts say, but rather we want to build a community and share the ideas that help.

We currently have 300 paying businesses on-boarded ranging between one and 75 users within each.


Q: What are you 2017 goals for this product?


Andrew Frawley: For the product, we hope to increase the processing speed of the application, because who doesn't want a faster service. This comes from optimizing our servers while also improving UI/UX. We are heavy on simple design. Financially, we are on a quest for $1,000,000 ARR.


SherpaDesk is online at www.sherpadesk.com.