A Few Words About Bitcoin

| 04.18.2017 |

In today's video, Paul Hickey, chief srategist at Investable, uses the TED Talk stage to discuss the relevance of Bitcoin the ongoing economic environment.

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Video Redux: Smart Aleck Remarks Are Not Funny

| 03.28.2017 |

Today, we go back to our video archive to present this still-relevant warning to employees that think they are being funny with snarky comments about their co-workers.

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Was There A Monorail In Your Future?

| 03.14.2017 |

There was a time when many people believed the future of mass transportation included monorail technology. In this documentary, we take a look at one of the early American advocates of this technology - no less of a figure than Walt Disney! - and learn why the monorail never truly caught on as an American transportation solution.

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Accounting Tips For Start-Ups

| 02.28.2017 |

Yes, it is that time of the year again. And for new business owners, tax season can be a confusing and challenging endeavor.

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A Floral Business Without A Storefront?

| 02.14.2017 |

Today is Valentine's Day, and more than a few bouquets are being purchased by lovers everywhere. But for those in the business world, running a floral operation can be tricky - especially if you do not have a storefront.

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A Few Words From Carl Icahn

| 01.31.2017 |

This week, our video spotlight shines on the iconic investor and presidential adviser Carl Icahn.

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A Few Words From Ruby Wax

| 01.24.2017 |

Today, we are departing from a business focus in favor of a mental health focus. This video, from the TED Talks series, features comedian Ruby Wax offering a distinctive plea to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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This week, we dig up one of the earliest of our Video Digest offerings in which I recall crass comments from a manager designed to denigrate my work and self-esteem. If you are a manager and business owner and you engage in such tactics, knock it off immediately.

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Expo 67: Marketing The Canadian Centennial

| 01.10.2017 |

In 1967, Montreal was the center of attention with Expo 67, which was billed as the largest World's Fair in history. The event was the keystone in the centennial celebrations that occurred in Canada that year, and it helped to call attention to the nation's culture, economy and technological achievements.

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Sponsored Film Classic: Once Upon A Honeymoon

| 12.20.2016 |

Today, our vintage promotional film is this 1956 short that highlights the selection of multi-hued telephones available from the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. After all, the modern home of 1956 would be incomplete without the right color for its telephone!

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