The Passover Principle

| 03.26.2013 |

What is the connection between the Jewish holiday of Passover and business marketing? I am glad that you asked!

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Lessons From the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

| 03.19.2013 |

What can business owners and managers learn from the notorious Duke and Duchess of Windsor? For starters, how about a lesson in common courtesy? A friend of my mother was on the receiving end of their sincere (and royal) gratitude, and the experience is well worth sharing.

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Selling Feminine Products, Disney-Style

| 03.12.2013 |

This week, the Video Digest of our website begins an occasional series that presents classic and occasionally bizarre examples of using the motion picture medium for the marketing of products and services. One of the most remarkable productions in this genre is a 1946 educational film commissioned by the International Cello-Cotton Company for presentation in American health education classes. What is extremely unusual about this endeavor was the creative genius behind the film: Walt Disney.

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A Few Words on Corporate Social Responsibility

| 03.05.2013 |

Last year, Clopton Capital, a commercial mortgage provider based in Chicago, announced it was developing a page within its website where users can create a recurring pledge to the American Red Cross.

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The Finger in Donald Trump's Crack

| 02.26.2013 |

Today's Video Digest is all about the importance of paying attention to the smallest details, and it features an incident involving one of the most high-profile real estate moguls. Oh, the crack in question was in a wall...take a couple of minutes to listen to the story.

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Dying is Easy, Business is Hard

| 02.20.2013 |

I was once in an automobile accident, but I walked away from it with nary a bruise. I was once the head of a company that went out business - I walked away from that with some emotional bruises, but time healed those wounds. Here are a few thoughts on those two incidents.

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Constructive Criticism vs. Destructive Criticism

| 02.13.2013 |

There is a significant difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Sadly, too many employers and managers cannot tell the difference. In this week's Video Digest, I recall how one hostile manager used curse words to denigrate my work - and I believe that everyone can learn some important workplace lessons from that egregious incident.

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In Case of Fire...What?

| 02.06.2013 |

You have a business plan, a healthcare plan, a retirement plan...but do you have a contingency plan? Really, what happens in your company if something physically disrupts operations? Let's talk for a few minutes about the importance contingency planning and the need to anticipate problems before they occur.

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