Expo 67: Marketing The Canadian Centennial

| 01.10.2017 |

In 1967, Montreal was the center of attention with Expo 67, which was billed as the largest World's Fair in history. The event was the keystone in the centennial celebrations that occurred in Canada that year, and it helped to call attention to the nation's culture, economy and technological achievements.

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Sponsored Film Classic: Once Upon A Honeymoon

| 12.20.2016 |

Today, our vintage promotional film is this 1956 short that highlights the selection of multi-hued telephones available from the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. After all, the modern home of 1956 would be incomplete without the right color for its telephone!

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A Few Words From David H. Stevens

| 12.06.2016 |

This week, our video spotlight shines on David H. Stevens, president and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), who offers his insight on the state of the U.S. housing market. This speech was delivered at the MBA's Annual Convention & Expo in October and is presented here courtesy of the trade group.

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A Few Words From J.D. Vance

| 11.29.2016 |

In this TEDTalks video, Mithril Capital Management principal and National Review contributor J.D. Vance discusses the plight of low-income American communities.

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A Few Words From Donald Trump

| 11.01.2016 |

Election Day in the U.S. is next Tuesday, November 8. In today's video, we present the candidate endorsed by this site, Republican nominee Donald Trump, in a speech that he delivered earlier this year at Liberty University in Virginia.

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Crowdfunding On Social Media

| 10.18.2016 |

Successful crowdfunding campaigns rely heavily on social media marketing. But how can you get your crowdfunding efforts to stand out online?

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A Few Words On Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

| 09.27.2016 |

In this recent Stanford University lecture, Trish Costello, founder and CEO of Portfolia, a collaborative equity investing platform, discusses equity crowdfunding platforms and changes in venture capital.

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A Few Words From Mark Cuban

| 09.13.2016 |

The serial entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" star offers insight and advice in this interview with the U.S. Small Business Administration's Maria Contreras-Sweet.

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Video Redux: Are You Thinking About Retirement?

| 08.23.2016 |

Today, we revisit one of our older Video Digest productions - in this case, a consideration of whether you have the financial viability to fund your post-working years.

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A Few Words From Mimi Soltysik

| 08.16.2016 |

Today, we are offering a platform for Mimi Soltysik, the Socialist Party USA candidate for president, to express his views and policy proposals. This video comes from an interview conducted by writer and mathematician Bryer Sousa.

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