Business Plan Writing 101

| 04.19.2016 |

In this Wharton School Entrepreneurship Workshop, Patrick FitzGerald, managing director of DreamIt Ventures, discusses what is required to write an effective business plan.

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Sponsored Film Classic: Impact '66

| 04.05.2016 |

Fifty years ago, Chevrolet presented this promotional film highlighting its line-up of automobiles. For those that appreciate vintage cars and vintage marketing, this old film is a treat!

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If you are growing tired of the seemingly endless U.S. presidential campaign featuring the Democratic and Republican candidates, perhaps you would like to hear a different voice: in this case, Gary Johnson, who ran as the Libertarian Party candidate for president in 2012 and is seeking another bid this year.

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Video Redux: You Can't Win 'Em All

| 03.22.2016 |

Today, we dip back into our video archive for this commentary on the value that can found when things do not go according to plan.

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Next Year In Kazakhstan...

| 03.15.2016 |

Did you know that Kazakhstan is hosting a world's fair next year? Expo 2017 in the city of Astana is expected to attract more than 100 nations, with a central theme tied to global energy solutions.

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Are We Winning The Cybersecurity War?

| 03.01.2016 |

It often seems that a week cannot pass without news of data breaches or cyber attacks. For all of the time, money and attention given to cybersecurity, why does it seem like a struggle without a victory?

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Sponsored Film Classic: The Stolen Jools

| 02.16.2016 |

This 1931 production was produced by the Masquers Club of Hollywood and co-sponsored by Chesterfield Cigarettes to raise funds for the National Vaudeville Artists Tuberculosis Sanitarium. An extraordinary line-up of Hollywood's biggest stars - including Edward G. Robinson, Joan Crawford, Buster Keaton (shown above), Wallace Beery, Gary Cooper, Laurel & Hardy, Fay Wray and Maurice Chevalier - donated their talent for this amusing short.

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A Few Words From Maggie Anderson

| 02.09.2016 |

Maggie Anderson is CEO and co-founder of The Empowerment Experiment, which encourages African American consumers to focus their purchasing power on black-owned businesses. In this TED Talk presentation, she discusses how supporting black-owned businesses creates a win-win situation for the wider American economy.

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Bernie Sanders Vs. Wall Street

| 02.02.2016 |

After halting what many people saw as a Democratic Party coronation of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is setting his sights on the White House - with a main goal of bringing regulatory reform to Wall Street.

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Video Redux: Say It With A Postcard

| 01.26.2016 |

Today, we revisit one of the first entries in the Video Digest series and consider the simple effectiveness of postcard marketing.

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