Video Redux: Manager Mike And The Mini-Skirt Maiden

| 01.19.2016 |

Today, we revisit one of our early entries in the Video Digest series with a tale of corrosive workplace gossip based on a somewhat strange alliance between a grumpy manager and a very attractive staff member.

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A Few Words From Jack Ma

| 01.12.2016 |

Last September, Stanford Graduate School of Business named China's Alibaba Group as the 2015 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year. Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman, discussed his company's growth and goals in this presentation hosted by Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang.

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Sponsored Film Classic: Electronics At Work

| 01.05.2016 |

This 1943 film, produced by The Westinghouse Electric Corporation, offers an overview of how vacuum tubes work and how they were being used by the World War II-era military and private sector.

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Sponsored Film Classic: Princess Nicotine (1909)

| 12.15.2015 |

This unusual silent short film was sponsored by Sweet Corporal and features a very early use of special effect in American movies. In 2003, the Library of Congress added this to the National Film Registry.

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Video Redux: The Finger In Donald Trump's Crack

| 12.08.2015 |

In the past few months, Donald Trump has taken control of the U.S. political environment. But while many people have an opinion (for better or worse) of the Trump that plays for the camera, the Trump that conducts business off camera is often a very different person.

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What Can Your Business Learn From Weird Flags?

| 12.01.2015 |

On the whole, flags are designed to inspire nationalism and deep emotional attachment. But, sometimes, that does not happen. Fortunately, there are teachable moments to be found in odd flag design.

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Sponsored Film Classic: Paradise For Buster

| 11.17.2015 |

This 1952 film, produced by John Deere and Co. Inc., stars the legendary Buster Keaton in a delightful near-silent comedy romp.

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The Value Of B Corporations

| 11.10.2015 |

Jay Coen Gilbert, a co-founder of B Lab, explains the concept of B Corporations - a standard for identifying socially and environmentally responsible companies - in this TedTalk video presentation.

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A Few Words From Lawrence Lessig

| 11.03.2015 |

This week, Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig announced that he was ending his bid for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. If you were unaware that Lessig was even a candidate, you are not alone - and Lessig defines that as a major problem.

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A Few Words From Mitt Romney

| 10.27.2015 |

This week, business executive and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney offers his views on establishing priorities and encouraging others to share your goals. This presentation is from a recent View From The Top talk at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. 

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