What Would George Washington Do?

| 02.23.2017 |

Although Americans celebrate the birth of our nation on the Fourth of July, what we actually celebrate is the spirit of liberty and revolution that led to its founding. We do not have a holiday dedicated to the actual creation of the United States, but our celebration of President's Day is close enough.

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Republicans Coming Up Short On Obamacare Repeal And Replace

| 02.22.2017 |

President Trump is forcing congressional Republicans to quickly replace Obamacare with a program that lowers health care costs or face the wrath of angry voters.

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Continuing The Stigma Of Mental Illness

| 02.12.2017 |

In the three weeks since Donald Trump became president, there appears to be a new shtick among high-profile individuals that bitterly opposed his political ascension: loud and careless talk that insists the new president is mentally ill.

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Flight Of The Culture Vultures

| 02.09.2017 |

Culture is the character and essence of a society, and the loss of culture is a loss for all. With a strong culture, commerce thrives and citizens are free. When culture is lost, crime becomes rampant and the individuals move through life without purpose.

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Making Sense Of Our Daily Struggle

| 02.02.2017 |

Life is a struggle to succeed, but it is also a struggle to determine what success is. We all want what we deserve, and we often build our sense of self-worth on our compensation in life. We want the good and reject the bad, and we believe we "deserve" the former but never the latter.

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Why Socialism Sucks

| 01.26.2017 |

Business is the act of producing and trading goods for a higher price than the cost to make them. If no profit is made from a sale of goods, then a business is unable to function. All profits are merely the ability for those involved in a business to buy other goods and allow other businesses to make a profit.

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Now About The Minimum Wage

| 01.19.2017 |

Wages and the cost of supplies are the two fundamental expenses for every business, but wages reflect the "worth" of the individual worker. A higher wage can instill pride in an employee because it represents higher worth, but wages are not a status symbol. Instead, wages must be closely aligned to the actual value that the worker provides or the economic system is imperiled.

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Humanity Needs The Entrepreneur

| 01.12.2017 |

There is no greater force than the entrepreneurial spirit. While the common man saw only dangers in trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the entrepreneurs saw new opportunities for trade. While the common man was content with his horse cart, the entrepreneurs created mighty engines to speed across nations. While the common man sat idly gazing at the moon, the entrepreneurs forged the rockets that got us there.

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GOP Faces Tough Choices Replacing ObamaCare

| 01.10.2017 |

ObamaCare has not delivered on its promises to provide health insurance for virtually all Americans and lower costs but Republicans will find it tough to repeal and replace.

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In Praise Of Classical Education

| 12.22.2016 |

There are three approaches to education: rote memorization, free form, and guided. The first has students memorize and repeat what the teacher wishes, the second allows the student to determine what they wish to study, and the third guides a student through a predetermined curriculum.

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