Finding Comfort In Hard Work

| 05.25.2017 |

We live in an age of the snowflake, those gentle spirits who are cast about wherever the wind may take them but are obliterated by the slightest pressure. Call them Millennials, hipsters, or man-children, they are the immature who are unable to deal with pain and suffering. The create artificial environments, called bubbles and "safe spaces," and they are often making demands for more luxury in a life already filled with comfort.

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The Humanity Of Automation

| 05.18.2017 |

When the overall cost of production rises, businesses must find a way to continue making a profit. A price increase is risky, and there is no guarantee that consumers will continue to frequent the business at the same rate. Similarly, a business could reduce the quality of goods to reduce costs, but that could alienate consumers. The safest solution is to cut the cost of labor, which means to produce more with fewer people, and the simplest way to create a more efficient workforce is through automation.

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Trying To Make Sense From Dollars

| 05.11.2017 |

In terms of economics, nothing is more fundamental than currency, and a strong currency policy ensures that trade is fair and efficient. However, currency manipulation has always been the primary means for nations to declare economic war on each other, and there are few solutions that leave everyone happy.

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Do We Really Need Taxes?

| 05.04.2017 |

Paradoxically, taxes are necessary for government but they are the bane of the citizen. To give a portion of your wealth to the mutual defense and common good is necessary, but it is not always fair.

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Ignore The Past At Your Own Peril

| 04.27.2017 |

Advancement and innovation are often a driving force to success, but they should be a means to an end and not the end itself.

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In Opposition To Profits Based On Propaganda And Not Truth

| 04.20.2017 |

We live in an age of propaganda, ideological extremism, and political violence, but the student of history knows that there are few times when this was ever not true. Revolutions and counter revolutions, of both a positive and negative nature, are as constant as the tides.

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The Truth About House Flipping

| 04.19.2017 |

Flipping a house can seem like a walk in the park when it's wrapped into a few montages during a half-hour TV segment. Find a run-down property. Buy it. Take out a few walls, paint, replace carpets, upgrade the kitchen and voilà – you could make tens of thousands of dollars in just a short time.

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Solving The Social Crises Of Our Time

| 04.06.2017 |

It is clear from an objective analysis of history that we have lost much of what makes a strong society. We have abandoned the moral and ethical fiber of our culture, and the "progress" we have achieved is merely a rejection of all that makes us great.

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Saying No to a Minimum Wage Hike

| 03.30.2017 |

There are three groups of people who want a higher minimum wage: those who earn minimum wage, those who advocate for progressive issues, and those who think it sounds good but have not researched the issue. The first group seeks a political win while the second group seeks a personal win. Only the third group has the objectivity necessary to understand how an increase in the minimum wage hurts the economy as a whole and low-wage earners in particular.

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Making The Best Use Of American Resources

| 03.23.2017 |

An economic system is only as strong as its resources. A business without raw materials cannot create a product to ship, just as a business without skilled workers cannot craft the materials into goods. Resources are a potential, and the entrepreneur is the individual who is able to see this potential and turn it into reality.

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