Row, Row, Row Your Boat To Sales Success

| 02.27.2013 |

There are certain literary works that have survived centuries of human history. But for today's business professional, the key to success may actually be found in another literary classic: the sing-along nursery rhyme "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

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7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your 2012 Tax Return

| 02.21.2013 |

The average American taxpayer will spend an estimated 23 hours completing their return this year. Eighty percent of taxpayers will hire someone to do the work, or buy tax software, even though 64% of taxpayers don't owe anything.

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America Needs To Reconsider R&D Investments

| 02.14.2013 |

We live in an age in which the ways we live, learn, work, travel, communicate, defend ourselves, and entertain are dominated by technology. New technology and evolving technology are the products of a process broadly known as research and development (R&D).

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Does Your E-Commerce Business Have An Asset Protection Plan?

| 02.08.2013 |

What differentiates an e-commerce business from a traditional business when it comes to asset protection?

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Prolonged Sitting is Bad for Your Health...and Your Business!

| 02.07.2013 |

Over the past seven years, I have noticed that the vast majority of my once-sedentary clients who begin an exercise program observe an interesting phenomenon: after only a few days of consistent exercise, they feel more energized and focused at work or in school. Apparently, these observations are not an isolated incident. A recent Gallup Poll of over 300,000 adults (18) reported that active, healthy employees were more productive at work than their counterparts with sedentary, less-healthy life styles.

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Unemployment Rises, More Adults Quit Looking Than Find Jobs

| 02.01.2013 |

February 1, 2013 - The economy added 157,000 jobs in January and unemployment rose to 7.9% as the economy slowed in the fourth quarter. Unemployment would have been worse had not even more adults - 169,000 - chosen to join the ranks of those neither working nor seeking employment.

Hiring and layoffs tend to lag other economic indicators. GDP fell 0.1% in the fourth quarter, fears of a government shutdown slowed consumer spending in December and encouraged businesses to cut inventories. Even if the economy doesn't slip into a recession, unemployment would rocket.

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Which Lenders Can Show You the Money?

| 02.01.2013 |

Small-business owners are optimists. With all they confront, they have to be.

Financing, of course, is central to success, and in 2013, both new and established entrepreneurs are hoping that the lending gods will smile favorably on them after the worst economic calamity in 75 years. There is now reason to believe that just may happen.

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