Humanity Needs The Entrepreneur

| 01.12.2017 |

There is no greater force than the entrepreneurial spirit. While the common man saw only dangers in trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the entrepreneurs saw new opportunities for trade. While the common man was content with his horse cart, the entrepreneurs created mighty engines to speed across nations. While the common man sat idly gazing at the moon, the entrepreneurs forged the rockets that got us there.

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GOP Faces Tough Choices Replacing ObamaCare

| 01.10.2017 |

ObamaCare has not delivered on its promises to provide health insurance for virtually all Americans and lower costs but Republicans will find it tough to repeal and replace.

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In Praise Of Classical Education

| 12.22.2016 |

There are three approaches to education: rote memorization, free form, and guided. The first has students memorize and repeat what the teacher wishes, the second allows the student to determine what they wish to study, and the third guides a student through a predetermined curriculum.

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Giving It The Old Electoral College Try

| 12.15.2016 |

Before 2016, the Electoral College process for choosing the President of the United States of America was something only discussed by scholars or the occasional journalist with nothing else to write about during election season. Now, it seems that one side of the political spectrum has now become the champion of the Constitution when they were silent before.

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Trump Must Prepare For Showdown With China

| 12.05.2016 |

Donald Trump faces immediate challenges—managing the war against ISIS, fixing Obamacare and boosting growth to create jobs. However, as the fallout from his recent conversation with the president of Taiwan indicates, an increasingly assertive China poses the most vexing and far reaching challenges for American prosperity and security.

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The Dignity And Importance Of History

| 12.01.2016 |

Whoever controls how history is recorded controls the future, but great nations and great people can overcome the bias of a few critics by their impact upon later generations. Similarly, brutal tyrants will always have their defenders to whitewash their evil deeds, but they will still be damned as their victims preserve their torment.

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How Trump Will Benefit Ordinary Investors

| 11.29.2016 |

Donald Trump has plans for the economy that will boost deficits, interest rates and growth, and will also create opportunities for ordinary investors.

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Hamilton And The Electoral College

| 11.17.2016 |

Drama is our current fad, and hyperbole and lashing out its favored vehicle of expression. With political change comes those seeking attention: some simply wanting to get their faces on TV during protests and others acting in more aggressive ways. Through all the turmoil, a vocal minority wants to overturn the electoral system.

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Four More Years Of Poverty And Inequality?

| 11.07.2016 |

Hillary Clinton has made addressing inequality a central theme of her campaign, but the remedies she proposes are often worse than the disease.

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Making The U.S. Into A Monarchy

| 11.03.2016 |

The United States government is based, ostensibly, on a balance of powers.Our Founding Fathers knew that we could never find perfect politicians, so they sought the next best thing: to force the politicians to struggle and compete against each other. Legislator battles legislator, legislators battle the executive, and judges battle each.

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