The Wheels Are Coming Off Obamacare

| 10.30.2016 |

Obamacare is becoming a nightmare. Health insurance premiums will jump an average of 22 percent in 2017, and federal spending to assist moderate income families is spinning out of control.

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Journalism Is Dead

| 10.27.2016 |

Journalism is dead. It died long ago, but we somehow failed to notice. There was no obituary. There was no funeral. We forgot to hire a pastor to say some prayers, and it is too late to plead for the redemption of its soul.

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For President: Donald Trump

| 10.21.2016 |

For the first time since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952, a major party is offering a presidential candidate that is not entrenched in the elitist world of the political establishment and is not beholden to corporate special interests or the media powers that manipulate public opinion. Donald Trump is the rare candidate that can truly be considered as an outsider seeking to improve the lives of the American people, and we support his bid for the presidency.

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On The Necessity To Study Law And Politics

| 10.20.2016 |

While serving as a Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Story was hired as a professor at Harvard University. Upon joining the faculty, he gave a lengthy speech known as his Discourse on ethics, law, and the duty of all scholars to protect the Constitution.

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According to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the economy is in great shape and safe from another financial crisis. and more liberal policies to better distribute the benefits would deliver Americans into another golden age. But the facts tell another story.

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The Disconnect Between Elections And Government

| 10.13.2016 |

It seems that our nation is always at a crossroads when we have an election. We are given two choices, and half of the country votes one way while the other half votes the opposite way.

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Why America Cannot Comprehend The Islamic World

| 10.06.2016 |

As the presidential election draws near, matters of foreign and domestic police take on more aggressive characters. Both sides wage war upon the other with rhetorical flourishes that rarely deal with reality. Points are made yet truth is disregarded, and the issues themselves are ignored.

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How Hillary Duplicates The Bush 1988 Dirty Campaign

| 10.01.2016 |

When news was leaked that former President George H.W. Bush was supposedly planning to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, some people assumed this was a slap at Donald Trump for defeating Jeb Bush in the Republican primary. However, one could easily assume that the elder Bush was showing his admiration for the way that Clinton conducts her campaign, which is a near-perfect replication of how Bush ran his 1988 presidential bid.

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Samuel Johnson On Hard Work

| 09.29.2016 |

We are often bombarded by a media that promotes the need for retirement or the benefits of idle relaxation. We are told that having wealth without the need to work will lead to the greatest enjoyment. These sentiments, though innocent at first glance, clash with the Calvinistic work ethic that served our Founding Fathers. We now worship the decadent when we once honored hard work above all.

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A Few Words On American Christian Capitalism

| 09.22.2016 |

Our generation has taken up arms in a great culture war, with traditionalists on one side and progressives on another. Prayer in schools, the "War on Christmas," and wedding cakes have all been hills that many on both sides have been willing to lay down their lives over. No other nation experiences such disputes, because no other nation has the American religious character.

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