A Question Of Emotions

| 09.15.2016 |

Understanding the interactions between men is a primary concern for the practical sciences and arts. Rules and concepts not based in reality have no positive effect regardless of if they bind the artist or the economist. The only way to conquer nature is to first understand it.

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Fintech Is Changing Money Management For The Better

| 09.14.2016 |

Are you stressed about managing your money? Most of us are at one time or another. Whether you are trying to track your spending or invest spare change, fintech (financial technology) is here to ease your money worries.

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Molding The Independent Citizen

| 09.08.2016 |

Education is the foundation of society; it allows one generation to impart their knowledge and wisdom to the next. Without a proper education, our children will struggle and find it impossible to achieve satisfaction in life. It is no wonder that education policy brings up such high levels of anxiety.

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The Power Of The Poets

| 09.01.2016 |

As society marches forward, it is easy to declare that any change is an advancement, but we often lack the perspective needed to understand our actions. Too often, we sacrifice a portion of who we are as humans for temporary gain.

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When Government Overreaches Its Responsibility

| 08.25.2016 |

Government is not society but the enforcer of law and defender of individual rights. A government that usurps society ignores its original purpose, and justice is lost.

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The Intolerance Of Modern Toleration

| 08.18.2016 |

The United States was founded on the concept of toleration but the word toleration, like all things, transforms over time. Either through incidental or purposeful corruption, laziness or Orwellian double-speak, toleration has become Political Correctness, and the champions of toleration are those most opposed to it.

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A Lesson From Ancient Rome

| 08.11.2016 |

Only the foolhardy charge unprepared into the unknown. To those of a wiser inclination, thorough research and planning form the basis of success. However, knowledge can never be complete without understanding the greater picture in which we all live, and only history allows us to contextualize the present. We must understand the past before we can reign over the future.

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The Necessity Of Truth During A PC Time

| 08.04.2016 |

Commerce is the interaction between people, and business is just one aspect of the great relationship known as society. All interactions, be they political, educational, social, economic, or passionate, are all fundamentally based on the same principles of conduct.

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The Need For Harsh Truths

| 07.28.2016 |

Civic duty is the obligation of all citizens to serve their community. By joining together to form a government, individuals give up part of their freedom to protect their natural rights from others. They lose their distinct nature and take on a communal identity, one that is part of a larger group. Some governments are oppressive and control each of the individual in every aspect of their lives while others allow for greater self-determination.

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Americans Would Prosper Better With A Republican President

| 07.25.2016 |

Hillary Clinton claims the economy does better with a Democrat in the White House. That is simply false.

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