How To Fight Against Corruption And Win

| 07.21.2016 |

Corruption is the bane of all systems and the decay of efficiency. Some organizational structures are more vulnerable than others, but corruption can effect everyone. It is only through understanding the causes of corruption that we can fight against it.

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Maybe It Is Good Not To Catch Them All

| 07.14.2016 |

When it comes to human nature, some trends make sense while others lack a reasonable explanation. The desire to get rich quick that led to the South Sea Bubble found home in the greedy and the desperate in equal portions, and it seized the nation for its potential to make dreams come true. However, we are dominated by fads that produce nothing, yet neighbor will furiously compete against neighbor in the pursuit of a reward that is transient at best and destructive at worst.

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Insider Trading And Stock Bubbles

| 06.30.2016 |

Historically, a stock was a percentage of the value of a merchant's cargo or an investment in an manufacturer. The stock allowed for the collection of a return or a dividend on the original investment. Not all investments succeeded, as many ships were lost at sea or other setbacks interfered with commerce.

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10 Questions For Elizabeth Warren

| 06.27.2016 |

Earlier today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Ohio - a rather odd place to find someone elected to represent Massachusetts residents. Warren and Clinton actually have very little in common, except for one key defect: both women are deathly afraid of answering media questions.

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The Minimum Wage Debate: What Would Burke Do?

| 06.23.2016 |

While politics works in fads, constantly fluttering from issue du jour to the next, there are only two constant issues that form the basis for all others: the cost of labor and the institution of a moral standard. The latter serves as the foundation for social issues while the former is the basis for economics, and together they allow for a harmonious and prosperous society.

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Another Election, Another Sham

| 06.16.2016 |

It is easy to get wrapped up in modern politics and think that our current struggles in trying to find a virtuous and honorable candidate are new and unique. Instead, corrupt candidates who abuse their opposition while making false, lavish promises to their base are the very foundation of elections.

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Molyneux On The Necessity Of Consent

| 06.09.2016 |

The very essence of government is commerce. Through moderating and regulating transactions, government protects the rights of the individuals. It exists as a tool to help ensure the integrity of the system.

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Adam Smith And Consumer Choice

| 06.02.2016 |

Economics is polarizing, and there is an ideological struggle by among those who seek to promote a vaguely defined concept of free trade and those who cry out against the boogeyman of crony capitalism. Both sides create a caricature of the capitalistic system that is not founded in the views of Adam Smith.

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The Essential Relationship Between Physics And Philosophy

| 05.26.2016 |

The current movement behind the dramatic promotion of S.T.E.M. Education (the acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is primarily anti-Humanities and anti-Liberal Arts. The left views science as their weapon against the errors of theology, while the right hopes to crush the advance of the social sciences. Neither view is correct, and our current efforts will create a society unable to advance.

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Malthus And The Minimum Wage

| 05.19.2016 |

Poverty has always been an issue of any society. Our Christian and humanitarian sentiments encourage compassion to the less fortunate, and the vast majority of us desire a world without strife or suffering. We all want to raise up the poor, and politicians are constantly appealing to that desire in hopes that it could win them the next election.

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